BusyBus are 18 years old and know how to please customers! Our vehicles are latest model Mercedes and Iveco top-of-the-range models that come with all the trimmings:

Leather reclining seats with armrests.

Double glazed anti-condensation panoramic windows with night curtains.
Air-Conditioning and individually controlled forced-air vents.
Overhead parcel shelves with individually controlled lighting and speaker volume.
USB Charging points and comfort trays.
Large separate rear compartment luggage storage (boot).

BusyBus has been awarded the VisitBritain & EnjoyEngland “Tourism Industry Consumer Mark” in reassurance of COVID-19 compliance with UK Government and public health guidelines.

BusyBus also providing multi award-winning, minibus and coach sightseeing trips and tours as well as 3-Peak Challenge logistics, cruise excursions, holidays and mini-breaks. Customer service goes without saying as a happy customer is a returning customer.

You can trust BusyBus to make your journey PART of your experience and not a CONSEQUENCE of it!

For all your minibus hire requirements in Chester contact Busybus today.